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Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)


We’re welcoming the weekend with Lonesome George.

Be among the first visitors to see the famous Pinta Island tortoise who was the last of his kind when he died in 2012. Lonesome George will be on display at the Museum till January 4, 2015, when he will be returned to Ecuador as part of that country’s national patrimony.

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黒の断章 The Literary Fragment - pc98

i would just like to fast forward past however many days/weeks/months/(hopefully not)years it takes for me to be living in a qt flat with my boyfriend making babies all day 

that is all i ask 


Like father, like son.


Egyptian Mermaid 


パーフェクトブルー [Perfect Blue] (Satoshi Kon, 1997)


…I was finally able to forgive myself.

"It’s.. some kind of demon!"

"having a first real superstar female rapper is a great step in equality for all" howwwww do you miss the point of the post so spectacularly HOW 





this sentence is giving me a migraine 

Iggy’s gonna be the first real superstar female rapper you guys ignore Lauryn and Missy’s grammy’s and critical acclaim ignore Nicki’s platinum albumS and sell out tours and critically acclaimed mixtapes ignore it all, ms crocodile dundee dropped one mediocre 8 track mixtape and did 2 songs that everyone only knows the chorus too SHE’S the one to watch!!! 

The most depressing part of this is that lat month Nicki Minaj actually broke the record for the most appearances as a lead, collaborative, or featured guest artist on the Billboard Hot 100. But nah, forget her, she’s not important, let’s all gush about how successful Iggy Azalea is instead. 

just because there are other women rappers who didn’t make the cut, doesn’t mean you can hate of iggy. and it’s not like Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, and Nicki Minaj aren’t talented. people just love Iggy Azelea because she is also talented. and she is also successful too. Iggy deserves this award, and yes, Lauryn, Missy, and Nicki all do too, so shut up and be happy for iggy.

besides tumblr is all about women taking a step closer to being equal to men and having a first real superstar female rapper is a great step in equality for all. at least we’re getting somewhere. don’t just cry because she’s not the one you picked.

you literally missed the whole point of the post good grief