Tomie by Junji Ito.

it’s so weird how we’ve just accepted bleeding out your cooch once a month for 5 days is acceptable

likeeee when u brush ur teeth and they bleed we’re like nah son that can’t roll, better fix that

but we just accept periods whyyyyyy

mlkshae said: you're v cool

thank u madam mlkshae so are you!!!!!

not @ing haseeb but AWWWW THANK YOU <33333 

i got really excited because my article has 71 shares and i was like AWWW YEAAA but then the most viewed article has 1k SO really i haven’t done that well but ahhhh i’m rly proud of it, it’s a p cool article and it’s weird that i got to write professionally about aw 

Pokémon: the nostalgia factor - Telegraph

i wrote another article for The Telegraph feel free to tweet it and share it on Facebook and stuff also feel free to read it xoxoxo 


The Incredible Pen and Ink Masterworks of Manabu Ikeda

Taking up to a year and more to create, Manabu works with a small acrylic pen on 4 inch square portions of very large pieces of paper, that can cover a wall. He produces incredibly detailed impossible landscapes, which grow organically from his pen. He says he has no idea how each will finish.


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 Yuyuka Nekota | Chapter 42 

Nicki Minaj x Anaconda performances


Fall Clothes



October by Catface (2013)

This little lady is from 1 year ago