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Song: Luv (sic) 1-6
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Gajevy baby/pregnancy 100 word drabble


"Have you thought of a name for the baby yet, Gajeel?"

"I don’t know, maybe something manly, like Rockfist the Destroyer, Balthazar the Bloodthirsty, or Gajeel Jr."

"Ugh, we’re trying to name a baby here, not a lizard! And what if it’s a girl?"

"Umm, Gajeelia then…?"

"I’m not even going to comment on that one."

"What do you want to name it then?"

"Ohh, I was thinking maybe Harpagos Westhuizen if it’s a boy, after the famous 4th century Solid Script mage, and Kassandros Boislevesque if it’s a girl, after the famous healer from Bosco."

"Those are even worse!"

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Anonymous asked
Nest Fic request, Voeda and Metallicana's first meeting... or perhaps an interaction with Voeda, Metallicana, and Gajeel.....or if you reaaaaally want go through some Feels Gajeel's last night with Voeda before you know....


She’s a Lady

(Gonna go with how Metalicana and Voeda met, because if I try to write Voeda’s death I will sob like a small child.)

War was an ugly thing, and Metalicana wiped his hands of the whole thing. He refused to pick a side, to take part. 

Refused to kill his brothers over something so trivial as humans. Could they not just leave each other alone?

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dissertation is currently at 8001 

and we (maybe?probably) get 10% +/- either way

so reallllly all i need to do is 1000 more words and i am FINISHED

it’s not even just the police

one time my mum drove to KFC and she had to park the car and we parked outside this Irish pub and as we parked up everyone outside looked at us and my mum kind of mumbled, “ah we’ll only be a few minutes” to herself, and at the time i thought it was because we didn’t have a ticket to park there but anyway

when we came back they’d let down all the air in our tyres and were laughing 

and my mum was just like, “i knew i should’ve parked somewhere else”



that is just a mild thing obviously in comparison to some of the things that happen but racism in the uk is v real why do ppl in other countries think we’re all tea and dr who and pip pip cheerio  

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why do people from outside the UK think we aren’t a very racist country? im really intrigued to know why you think that? like racial profiling is a standard thing here, there are countless cases like Stephen Lawrence and Mark Duggan where the police have shown their true feelings towards black men, im just curious 

our accents cancel out racism obviously

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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


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